Sogeti Test Event

Tuesday, November 15th | 14:00 pm - 17:30 pm

Sogeti kindly invites you to our « Sogeti Test Event ». With 5 different test topics we would like to brief you on the recent evolutions that are happening today in the domain of quality and testing. This seminar will bring you new ideas and insights on how to address current and future challenges in testing. Be ready for the future and subscribe for this event ! 


  • Date: Tuesday, November 15th, 2016.


  • Timing: From 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm


  • Address: 

Van Der Valk Hotel
Cullingalaan 4

1831 Machelen

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  • Contact person: 

Wim Demey
Operations Manager Testing Practice

Sogeti Belgium
(+32 (0)2 538 91 44


  • Content:

         * 14:00 – 14:45, World Quality Report: view on today and the future (Geert Vanhove, 45mn)

The new World Quality Report 2015-16, jointly published by Sogeti, Capgemini and HPE, shows businesses are struggling with speed of technological change. This session will give an overview on the main trends in quality & testing so that you can position yourself as organization in today’s situation.

         * 15:00 – 15:15, The synergy of DevOps (Daniël Maslyn, 15mn)

DevOps is a way to harness existing IT strengths and concepts into a stronger unified approach. With the increasing needs of working across traditional silos, DevOps is catching on in enterprises everywhere. This session will focus on an intro to DevOps and how such existing tools and methods such as Agile, Lean and Automation can support a transition to the practice of this solution oriented operational approach.

         * 15:15 – 15:30, Test data management: the need for the right test data at the right time (Wannes Lauwers, 15 min)

Test data management is at the top of the agenda of many companies. New European legislation obliges the masking of privacy-sensitive data in non-production environments, putting firms at risk of huge fines in case they don’t comply.This session will focus on the main challenges that test data management encounters.

         * 15:30 – 15:45, Test automation in agile context (Guy Van Put, 15 min)

Test automation is a key aspect to achieve the benefit of time to market in agile projects. Allowing for faster delivery to production, companies need to organize their test automation activities in a different way than they were used to in their projects following a traditional development approach such as waterfall/V-model.This session will highlight the main characteristics and pitfalls of test automation in an agile setting.

          * 16:00 - 16:45, IoTMap: testing in an IoT environment (Tom van de Ven) (45 min)

When devices and systems become interconnected in an 'Internet of things' environment, and communication takes place between countless devices/applications over several interfaces, the number of situations an IoT device can encounter increases exponentially.Tom van de Ven, one of the authors of the book, will highlight the essential elements that are needed to set up a complete test strategy for your IoT solution.



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    Wim Demey
    Operations Manager Testing Practice
    (+32 (0)2 538 91 44