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Are Vacuum Cleaners More Dangerous Than Drones?

Organizations can increase efficiency by de-localizing physical labor

The American army, as well as various European armies, uses drones to attack their enemies. The advantages are clear: less transport, more efficiency, less danger to military staff.

This leads to the birth of the suburban pilot. This pilot no longer flies over land and sea but commutes from his house in the suburbs to a local aviation center. He doesn’t leave the building but flies his drone remotely. Just like millions of people, he commutes to work every day.

Fast paced evolution in computing power, internet connectivity and virtual reality enabled drone usage. These evolutions could also open up other scenarios, as the BBC writes in an excellent series of articles. All hotel rooms in London could be cleaned remotely from third world countries.

In third world countries, employees don’t have the right bandwidth or devices to perform physical labor remotely. They can however commute to a local cleaning center. Once there, they will put on VR glasses and use a fake vacuum cleaner. The real, connected, vacuum cleaner would be rolling through a hotel in London or another European city. These third world countries’ employees may become commuters with regular jobs, like millions others over the world.


We can imagine even more scenarios: Can you guard a building remotely? A terrain? A city? A region? Can you monitor patients remotely? Operate factories from a distance? Run a port from across the world? Loading and unloading of goods? A reception or welcome center? A pool? A library desk? An airport? Maybe just partially at the beginning and increase over time?


Over the past two decades, Internet has allowed western knowledge/white collar work to be performed with ease in fast-developing countries such as India. Digital transformation will add globalization and delocalization of physical labor. Organizations need to carefully consider this evolution, because the less you think about fake vacuum cleaners, the more dangerous they may become. Organizations need to leverage new scenarios in order to remain competitive. So the aim is to stand on the good side of this innovation and leverage its potential to the max.


You can even examine how you can benefit from this evolution in your private life. What are your options for personal outsourcing? The scale is wide: from outsourcing home chores to passing on tasks in your professional life. 

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