Innovation in Testing

What it takes and what we do to get there

July 25 2019
- by: The Sogeti Digital Assurance & Testing Practice

Whatever it takes

What does innovation in any endeavor take: Hard Work, Experimentation, Research, Out of the Box Thinking and Perseverance. It’s no different with Testing and we are always on the verge of the very next innovations in testing at Sogeti. We realize that in order to get a spark of invention there must be some energy spent in the direction of innovation. But what innovations in testing are we exploring?  What is the future of software testing?

Machine, Platform, Crowd

Sogeti Finland recently  explored this topic in their annual TestExpo where the Sogeti CIO Michiel Boreel focused on three words : Machine, Platform and Crowd. For building products these three concepts replace the traditional trinity of mind, product, customer. For example, our mind and the brains behind testing will eventually be aided and slightly replaced by AI.

Minds set on the future

Of course, advances in test automation, tools and AI technologies are important, but equally important is the mind shift needed to meet the future. At Sogeti, we value this shift to building testing relationships and we invest in the actual training and experience of testers. At DA&T Belgium for example, each incoming test professional is offered a thorough and expansive “Test Academy” training covering the testing essentials as well as the specific skills needed to meet this future world of testing.

Innovation in testing is keeping up with the ever-constant fluctuating world of Information Technology. It is no small task to do that and requires constant change and adaptation. That is a keystone of innovation.

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