Interview – Fabian Galoppin

Fabian Galoppin, the newly appointed Head of Sogeti Belgium, brings a wealth of experience to his role.


Fabian Galoppin, the newly appointed Head of Sogeti Belgium, brings a wealth of experience to his role. His journey began as an open source consultant in a Belgian start-up, before joining Sogeti High Tech in 2008. Initially a developer in Sopha-Antipolis, South of France, Fabian transitioned through various roles including DevOps engineer, team leader, and project manager. He later took on a sales role, eventually becoming the branch manager of Lyon and then the practice head for Software and System engineering in Paris. His work primarily involved engineering for clients like Orange group, Dassault Aviation, Alstom, and Ariane group. In 2018, Fabian returned to his home country to lead a Quality and Testing practice for five years. 

In this interview, we delve into Fabian’s vision for Sogeti Belgium, his insights on the impact of Generative AI on Quality Engineering & Testing, and his perspective on the evolving skillset required for Quality professionals in the face of technological advancements. We also explore his thoughts on the future of the Project & Analysis portfolio, his personal interpretation of #BecomeYourBest, and his views on Sogeti’s unique position in today’s market. 

What is your vision for Sogeti Belgium in 2024? 

Sogeti Belgium's vision for 2024 focuses on leveraging advanced AI, particularly Generative AI, to transform business analysis and quality engineering. Moreover, we would like to leverage our testing and analysis domain expertise in the field of packaged based software with the help of other Capgemini units. We also plan to pivot towards Mid-Market segment clients, targeting the potential of medium-size business and local enterprises. By leveraging our proximity to clients and fostering collaboration, we aim to significantly expand our market reach and seize new opportunities. Additionally, we plan to diversify and expand our portfolio within Belgium, utilizing Capgemini’s extensive capabilities and the whole portfolio of Sogeti group, including Microsoft. This approach will reinforce our position as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, ensuring sustained growth and market presence.

How do you see Gen AI shaping the future of Quality Engineering & Testing? 

Gen AI is rapidly transforming Quality Engineering & Testing, especially in the initial phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) such as requirements engineering and test case creation. Sogeti has introduced the Gen AI Amplifier tool, which harnesses expert knowledge to refine prompt engineering processes, thereby empowering teams to capitalize on Gen AI's capabilities effectively and through a secured interface In the field of test automation, genAI is already used by our teams to improve their performance through guided test case generation or maintenance. The industry is only at an early stage of adoption, but this technology will transform it significantly and at a rapid pace. 

A significant portion of Sogeti’s portfolio in Belgium is devoted to Project & Analysis. Can you provide us with a comprehensive overview of the future of this expertise in the coming years? 

P&A is an invaluable asset within our portfolio, embodying a practice committed to delivering performance excellence for our customers. This team expertly manages projects from initial requirements through to completion. Despite the longstanding presence of Agile methodologies, implementing its core principles at both the team/project level and the company level remains a challenge. Our team excels in this area. Additionally, they are adept at driving technological transformations for our clients, which is crucial for industries seeking increased automation or assistance in adopting new technologies, such as GenAI, into their daily operations. 

How do Gen AI and other technical developments impact the required skillset and professional profile of Sogeti Belgium professionals? 

Gen AI and other technological advancements are reshaping the skill sets required for all our consultants, regardless of their roles. Sogeti and Capgemini have developed a comprehensive training plan to equip consultants with the necessary expertise, focusing on areas such as prompt engineering, specialized training in artificial intelligence, and partner tools like Microsoft GitHub Copilot. Our P&A team is at the forefront of this effort, having created a specific pathway for business and functional analysts that will be implemented across the entire Sogeti Group. We also emphasize the importance of foundational education, such as testing techniques based on TMAP and requirements engineering based on IREB, to ensure our consultants are fully prepared to navigate these technological evolutions with expert proficiency. 

What is your idea of #BecomeYourBest? 

#BecomeYourBest encapsulates a pathway for personal and professional growth within the Group, allowing individuals to evolve and excel in various roles. This concept resonates with my journey within the organization: starting as a web developer in 2008 and progressing through roles like project management, team leading, architecture, and sales to ultimately becoming the head of Sogeti Belgium. It exemplifies the opportunity for anyone to pursue expertise or management roles, or even transition between different career paths within the Group, whether in technology, management, sales, or other areas. #BecomeYourBest also embodies our passion for technology, a passion that has remained constant throughout my career at the Sogeti Group. I continue to thrive not only as a manager but also as a technologist, as we refer to it. 

 What is Sogeti’s unique position in today’s market? And within the Capgemini Group? 

Sogeti's unique position in today's market is characterized by agility, proximity to clients, and technological expertise. Our agility within the Capgemini Group enables us to adapt swiftly to changing needs, while emphasizing proximity fosters close client relationships and tailored solutions. As technologists, we lead innovation, staying ahead of market trends, which distinguishes Sogeti as a trusted and innovative partner within the Capgemini Group and beyond. 

Why “Quality Engineering” instead of “Software Testing”? 

Quality engineering emphasizes a comprehensive approach to quality across the development lifecycle, departing from traditional software testing. It promotes early involvement in projects, extending beyond mere testing to tasks like specification checking and requirement analysis. This proactive engagement highlights the engineering aspect of quality engineering, reflecting its focus on overall quality assurance in software development, which aligns with the increasing complexity of testing, including automation, performance and security testing 

Can you sum up Sogeti in three keywords? 

Agility, proximity to our clients, and passion for technology are the three keywords that sum up our dedication, vision, and approach at Sogeti. 

We are at the onset of a significant transformation in the IT industry, requiring distinct characteristics for success—Sogeti embodies these traits in its DNA. I firmly believe that Sogeti can serve as a unique asset for the Capgemini group during these challenging yet promising times. I invite all our clients in Belgium to connect with us and explore opportunities for enhanced collaboration.

Fabian Galoppin Portrait
Fabian Galoppin
Head of Sogeti Belgium