Sogeti Employees Rally
Behind Pink Ribbon in the Battle Against Breast Cancer

The employees of Sogeti Ghent Office recently participated in the 9th Edition of Pink Walk, an initiative organized by Pink Ribbon, Belgium's national organization committed to fighting breast cancer and spreading awareness. Our Sogeti employees enrolled for a month-long walking challenge, going that extra mile to support the charitable cause of ‘battling breast cancer’. Let us learn more about the Pink Walk from our colleague Inessa Verleyen, who led this initiative from our Sogeti Ghent Office.

What is the Pink Walk Initiative? When did it take place?

Inessa: The Pink Walk is an initiative by Pink Ribbon, an organization that supports the fight against breast cancer. Unlike other walkathons, The Pink Walk is not a typical single-day walking event, but a commitment that continues throughout the month.

This year, the 9th edition of Pink Walk was organized in May, where the participants signed up for a month-long walking challenge, contributing their daily step counts to support the charitable cause. The funds collected through The Pink Walk will be used to support various projects to combat breast cancer.

How did Sogeti colleagues support the Pink Walk Initiative? What role did Sogeti’s Ghent Office play?

Inessa: The colleagues of our Sogeti Ghent office united to support this worthy cause by subscribing collectively as a team and participating in the Pink Walk. We pledged to register our steps daily, throughout the entire month of May and were committed to walk more, even extra miles to increase our step counts as much as possible. Our subscription fees were considered as a donation to the battle against breast cancer.

What motivated Sogeti to participate in this initiative and support it?

Inessa: At Sogeti, we care about promoting the overall health, vitality, and wellbeing of our employees. Additionally, supporting such noble initiatives aligns with Sogeti’s values of making a positive impact on society. Everybody takes a certain number of steps daily, hence there would be no better opportunity than taking additional steps for a meaningful cause and enjoy some pleasant time, outdoors during Springtime! Moreover, the purpose of participation in this event – ‘the fight against breast cancer’, resonates with many of our Sogeti colleagues and holds special significance for them.

How many employees participated in this event? Can you share the total number of steps collected so far?

Inessa: We participated with a team of 8 colleagues. We took 1,902,690 steps altogether, covering a total distance of 1,441 km.

What impact do you think the Pink Walk Initiative had on our colleagues?

Inessa: The initiative motivated us to go outdoors, run or walk that extra mile, thereby challenging both - our physical abilities and our mental limits. Though we motivated each other, but interestingly a healthy sense of competition also prevailed amongst us. We were keen to know who in our team, could walk maximum number of steps.

“Sogeti's participation in this initiative re-established its commitment to create a positive impact within the communities”. Do you agree?

Inessa: Yes, Sogeti supports such initiatives as part of its commitment to the community and society in general. As Sogeti also prioritizes the general well-being of its employees, it encouraged its employees to participate in the Pink Walk.

Any memorable moments from the Pink Ribbon Initiative that you can share?

Inessa:  Most participants made an extra effort to contribute more steps, that is walking daily during lunchtime, or before and after work. Some people also started running to increase their step count. So overall, this initiative had a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

We thank Inessa for sharing such interesting information and insights. Sogeti looks forward to encouraging employees to engage in further meaningful and noble pursuits in the future.

Test Manager - Sogeti Belgium