Testing for Quality at Speed

September 25th 2019
- by: The Sogeti Digital Assurance & Testing Practice

IT Technology is moving in ever faster cycles of delivery and IT is pushing into Dev Ops / Agile models with the objective of staying ahead and increasing the velocity and content of deliveries to get value to their clients. Testing must also be able to cope and anticipate this challenge or testing falls behind and doesn’t provide the process able to deliver advice and insight into the quality and related risks of systems “waiting” to be deployed. This testing “bottleneck” has always been a point of challenge, but it is becoming even more critical.

What is needed is an evolved test approach combining a good solid basis in risk-based test strategies combined with test automation, using efficient test data and gathering in real time useful test metrics to feed AI systems into providing an Anticipatory and Pro-Active approach to testing.

When you add to this the fact that organizations are undergoing massive changes and undergoing their paced digital transformations, the test approach needs to be able to also validate and deliver the needed test reporting in as fast and efficient a manner as possible. 

This is something Sogeti DA&T is well aware of and the combined use of TMAP NEXT, Test Automation emphasis in a Dev Ops and Agile Ready Manner along with the Cognitive QA approach, is just one example of a many faceted and Pro Active approach to keeping Testing potential for organizations on a more advanced level and  able to keep up with these fast changes. Getting information about the Quality of the systems being tested needs to come fast do that decision can be taken in a more Agile and confident manner.  Sogeti DA&T processes and solutions are designed to meet such release speed challenges and keep ahead of the need for Speed and Quality. 

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