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14 October 2021

  • Webinar - Sogeti and Tricentis: Achieving Enterprise Scale Performance Engineering
    Software performance issues happen, and when they do the business impact is highly visible and costly. Sogeti and Tricentis experts will show how you too can set up processes and tools to stay ahead of the problem, and shape up your software performance at enterprise scale.

25 May 2021

  • Webinar - Sogeti and Tricentis: Enabling your SAP tranformation with smart test automation
    SAP releases and migrations might seem like a daunting, risky and time-consuming endeavor for many organizations. Add today's accelleration in software development, and you might think you are rushing towards disaster. Not necessarily: combining a smart test approach and the power of test automation keeps your critical business processes out of harm's way and allows for a quicker and more agile response to any change your organization is faced with. 

22 September 2020

  • Webinar - Sogeti and Tricentis: Solid Test Automation Made Easy
    Are you struggling to make automation work for you? Sogeti’s and Tricentis testing experts will explain how to organize test automation as a shared activity within the product development team and business test team with a clear focus on quality and speed. 

13 May 2020

22 April - 28 May

  • Online webinar series - Techflix -  In these changing times, we have created a series of short digital episodes to keep you up to date on new research, insights and practical advice on the world of technology and innovation.

Past events

17 October 2019

12 June 2019

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