How to create a Digital Strategy

Lunch and learn session: “How to create a digital strategy”

Digital Transformation is the New Buzz. Everyone is talking about it because it creates new possibilities, it changes business models and the way consumers and companies interact with each other. 

But while we hear a lot about digital transformation today, the term is rarely defined. Instead, we typically get a list of the latest technologies to impact enterprises—mobile devices, social networks, cloud computing, big data analytics, etc.—and very little guidance regarding how to go about the desired transformation.

On Thursday May 19, Sogeti organized a lunch event, where has been shared our worldwide experience in helping companies on their way to join the next generation of Digital companies. Topics included:

  • Business context: How is the relationship between customer & company evolving?
  • What benefits will you get from your transformation?
  • How can you get started?
  • What are typical pitfalls?
  • Many concrete examples of how other organizations have made a successful digital transformation

Guest speaker Christian H. Forsberg gave more insight in the dos & don’ts of a Digital transformation Road Map. 


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