Digital Testing Masterclass kickstarts careers of Brussels jobseekers

12 trainees received comprehensive training in cutting-edge technology and business skills through the 2023 Digital Testing Masterclass offered by Sogeti in Belgium and, equipping them to become successful Digital Test Engineers.

February 3, 2022

Reinforcing Digital skills and creating career opportunities

The need for digital skills and job opportunities has become increasingly urgent, the IT sector being the most affected by this evolution. To address this shortage of skilled professionals, partnered with Sogeti and training and employment organizations Actiris and Bruxelles Formation to create a tailored training program aimed at becoming a Junior Digital Test Engineer. This program was a resounding success, leading to a second Masterclass in 2023.

The 35-day intensive training program was customized to meet the demands of Sogeti, a company in need of skilled professionals for Junior Digital Test Engineer positions. The program covered topics such as project management, Agile/Scrum principles, databases, Web, Cloud, API's, webservices, and more specific software testing techniques included in the TMAP body of knowledge.

Tech partner Leapwork showcases no-code test automation tool

All partners were fully engaged to turn this project into a success. Additionally, Leapwork, a company that develops test automation tools, offered a full-day training and workshop to showcase the benefits of no-code automation for testing. The participants received language training and were offered vouchers to continue language studies (via Actiris), helping them acquire the skills needed for a career as a Digital Test Engineer with Sogeti.

From classroom to contract

Sogeti committed to offering a starting contract (IBO/FPIE) to at least 80% of the program's graduates, and 12 participants successfully joined the company. In the coming four months, they will finalize their training and gain hands-on experience. The participants have reported a positive experience with the program, finding it beneficial in securing their future careers in the IT industry.

What participants have to say about the program

"The Masterclass gave me the opportunity to gain that all-important first professional experience that many employers are seeking today. It was a great chance to learn about new testing techniques and tools, including low-code/no-code test automation. I can't wait to start my journey as a test engineer," said Thiago, a 2023 Digital Testing Masterclass graduate.

Shravya, another 2023 graduate, said, "After taking a career break to raise my children, I was able to reconnect with the testing profession through this program. It was a great refresher that brought me up to speed with the latest advancements in the field. The courses were of high quality and taught by senior experts who are passionate about their work and serve as consultants for top companies."

Archna, another graduate, stated, "As a software developer without any prior testing experience, the Masterclass provided me with a comprehensive overview of the different testing approaches and tools available. This helped me make an informed decision about my future career path."

A fruitful collaboration

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of, Actiris and Bruxelles Formation, along with companies like Sogeti and Leapwork, individuals in Brussels with a passion for IT have been given the chance to reach their full potential by means of training, earning certifications, and gaining hands-on experience.


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    Alissia Boulanger
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