Sogeti and create career opportunities for tomorrow's Quality Engineers

12 participants upskilled to become Digital Test Engineers

May 15 2022

Reinforcing Digital skills and creating career opportunities

The digitalization of our society offers many chances, but at the same time poses a real challenge for our companies and the Belgian Economy when it comes to developing the right professional skillset of the workforce.

According to a study by sector federation Agoria (Be The Change Studie - 2021 - Agoria) 584.000 vacancies will remain unfulfilled by 2030 if no decisive action is taken. The IT sector will be most impacted by this.

Some companies are already struggling presently with finding specific skilled profiles on the labor market. In Belgium, Sogeti (part of Capgemini) has opened several positions for Junior Digital Test Engineers. These roles are focused on Quality Engineering and Software Testing.

Adapting to the needs of Capgemini in Belgium, the department Opleiding Werk, brought together stakeholders from the IT sector and Bruxelles Formation and Actiris who are public organizations for training and employment. Together they set up a bespoke training and employment track to train participants to become Junior Digital Test Engineer.

From classroom to contract

All partners were fully engaged to turn this project into a success. analyzed Sogeti's demands and needs and brought together all stakeholders to create a bespoke programme. 12 work seekers from Brussels were selected and followed a 35-day-long intensive training track at Classes were taught in English and were developed by expert trainers of Sogeti and Bruxelles Formation. Participants were trained in the following topics: project management, Agile/Scrum principles, databases, Web, Cloud, API's, webservices, and more specific software testing techniques included in the TMAP body of knowledge.

This programme allowed participants to acquire the skills to start their career as a Digital Test Engineer for Sogeti. They also took language tests (English) and were offered vouchers to follow additional language courses by Actiris.

At the end of the programme, having comitted to offer a starter's contract (IBO/FPIE) to at least 80% of the graduates of the programme, Sogeti has successfully onboarded 11 of the 12 participants. In the upcoming 4 months, graduates will finalize their training and gather on-the-job experience working for Sogeti.

A fruitful collaboration

This initiative shows that Digitalcity.brusssels is ready and able to quickly adapt to the challenges of the IT labor market.

Given the brilliant success of this first experience, this initiative will certainly be extended in the future. thus fullfills its ambition to become the preferred partner for training and employment for the IT sector in the Brussels region.

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