Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport, 5PM, 17 October 2019

SAP TESTING for the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP S/4HANA Business Assurance and Test Automation.

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About Ideas in Action

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Ideas in Action is a unique event series for business and technology leaders who have a keen eye on the future – and a keener focus on what’s practically possible today. Choose from a mix of sessions covering both strategy and implementation, in which you can explore the impact of current and future trends and how to make new ideas a reality using existing and emerging technologies.


When: 17th October 2019, start at 5pm
Where: Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport

SAP is focusing its future ERP developments on S/4HANA and motivating its customers to complete the move to S/4HANA by 2025. This change can not be compared to a normal SAP upgrade. S/4HANA contains several important technological and functional changes: new HANA database technology, new dynamic user interface with SAP Fiori, new implementation approach ACTIVATE, etc. In addition, S/4HANA is not a standalone application. It should be the digital heart of a company with numerous integrations and interfaces.

While meeting the technical and functional challenges of such migration, organizations need to protect the continuity of mission-critical business processes. With the introduction of S/4HANA, the subject of test automation gains a new status: it becomes a "must have". Without extensive test automation, it is not possible to handle the increased frequency of updates and ensure the quality of business processes.

Hear from Sogeti’s testing specialists on how to meet these challenges and participate in the panel discussion featuring several of our international experts as they debate how SAP Business Assurance and a wise usage of test tooling can contribute to the success of SAP migration initiatives while protecting your organizations vital assets.

Business Assurance for SAP

Hear from our SAP testing experts how SAP testing can be optimized for your delivery and business benefits, taking into account the specific SAP context and its challenges.

Key speaker: Pranay Ranjan, Sogeti Belgium's Testing Leader.

Business Assurance – Automated for SAP

If you have SAP in your landscape, then testing and test automation are definitely not optional. In this session, gain deep insights into how you can shift from a Quality Assurance mindset to a Business Assurance one to deliver value to your business. With a live case study of our test automation work, learn how you can deploy automation to expedite your test coverage and speed to market of your SAP releases. And it doesn’t matter if you are on ECC or on the journey to move to S/4HANA.

Key speaker:Charuta Deshpande, Sogeti’s India Testing Leader

SAP Testing, the Sogeti Way

A case study that covers the strategy and approach to set up the SAP Test Automation Factory in agile environment which covers both SAP Applications Landscape and non SAP applications. We'll demonstrate how more than 90% test automation was reached, greatly enhancing the time-to-market of roll-outs and the SAP S/4HANA migration journey. We'll cover the role of SAP Automation Factory in delivering cross functional services like Test data generation for Automation and Performance testing.

*World Quality report by Capgemini, Sogeti & Micro Focus is a comprehensive and balanced overview of the key trends shaping quality assurance & testing today.

Panel: Rohit Chandra, Sogeti’s Finland Testing Leader


17.00 – 17.30
Welcome & Refreshments

This event starts with your welcome & some refreshments

Introduction to the event and a brief overview of the Sogeti SAP Testing practice

Pranay Ranjan - Testing Leader, Sogeti Belgium

What are the challenges in Testing SAP systems? How can SAP testing be optimized for your delivery and business benefits? Can test automation improve business assurance? Our experts provide insights with respect to this specific context

Charuta Deshpande - Testing Leader, Sogeti India

In this session, you’ll gain deep insights into how to shift from a Quality Assurance to a Business Assurance mindset. Based on a live case study our experts share their insights on how to create smart test solutions, including an optimal mix of automation tooling, to assure test coverage, agility and speed to market of your SAP implementation tracks

Rohit Chandra - Testing Leader, Sogeti Finland

A case study of how end-to-end business processes, including external integrations was automated for a phased migration achieving over 90% automation coverage with huge impact on time-to-market and cost

Bart Vanparys - Expert Leader, Sogeti Belgium, & Pranay Ranjan - Testing Leader, Sogeti Belgium

Opportunity to consult our international SAP testing experts

Olivier Vandekerkhove - Practice Leader Digital Assurance & Testing, Sogeti Belgium


Networking & Refreshments


Meet our leading global testing experts

Rohit Chandra


Charuta Deshpande

Testing Leader, Sogeti India

Bart Vanparys

Expert Leader Testing, Sogeti Belgium

Pranay Ranjan

Testing Leader, Sogeti Belgium

Olivier Vandekerkhove

Practice Leader Quality Engineering & Testing, Sogeti Belgium

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Paul Haesaerts
Paul Haesaerts
Marketing Manager BeLux
Phone: +32 478 64 49 04


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