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Maria Tinoco

"Every goal without a plan is just a dream"

Before Sogeti : Before joining Sogeti I was studying a Masters in Global Management @ Antwerp Management School, which allowed me to do an internship in a Public Affairs Agency in Brussels for my Masters Thesis. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: Pragmatic, resilient, friendly

Tell us a bit about your background: (2 sentences): I come from Venezuela, studied in a German High School and later on Mass Communications in one of the top ranked universities of the country. During my uni years, I participated in the Harvard World Model United Nations conference for 3 years and did several hands on internships in the area of communications.

My career at Sogeti: (2 sentences) I have been working at Sogeti for 2 years, in a mission at Janssen Pharmaceutica. I started with the Testing Master Class and have recently been promoted to Project Leader. As of January I'll join the Digital BU team.

What is a typical workday like for you? (2 sentences) I arrive to my desk, and joke around with my colleagues. I read through my emails and make a to do list of what I need to accomplish in a day, every day I need to do something for different projects and the list helps me be more efficient around my calls.I have lunch with my colleagues, sometimes with friends who also work here at Janssen. I have very different days and it makes me love doing what I do.  

What makes it different to work for Sogeti? (2 sentences) Sogeti really lives by the principle of allowing you to follow the career path that you want to, the opportunities are there for you to take them and if you do, there is a lot of room to grow towards. I'm thankful and humbled by everything this company has allowed me to achieve and I therefore want to give back by helping them in the areas that I can beyond my regular hours of work. 


  • Maria Tinoco
    Maria Tinoco
    Project Leader
    +32 (0) 489 41 62 00

Name: Maria Tinoco

Job title: Project Leader

Born: 1991

Lives in: Antwerp, Belgium

Family: My parents live in Venezuela and my fiancee, Joris, here in Belgium with me

Hobbies : Singing, dancing, learning new things