BI Next

BI Next is the Sogeti Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment and provides an actionable roadmap to take your organization to the next level of maturity in its journey to meet information needs to achieve the business goals.

BI Next provides profound insight into the status and growth of the information portfolio of your organization. The generally acclaimed Gartner Business Intelligence and Performance Management Maturity Model together with Sogeti’s best practices are the basis for the BI Next Assessment.

By delivering you a current state and technical architecture overview plus highlighting your business vision & goals and  analytical requirements, we are able to prioritize your BI initiatives by leveraging a business value vs. ability to execute approach.

Why Sogeti

Sogeti is a local professional service provider that understands your needs and works to solve business issues in a pragmatic way. We offer a BI Next Solution that does not eat into your budget but can help you fine-tune the possibilities of maximizing the value of your information.

We are proud of our track record of best practices, and it is part of our culture to share this knowledge with you. In all this we put our people first and invest in training, coaching and technologies that deliver top quality client delivery, keeping in mind at all times that the customer’s result is the prime focus.


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