Managed Security Operations Center

The future of enterprise security is here: The next-generation SIEM from Sogeti/Capgemini and IBM

No place to hide

Cyber attacks are becoming not only more advanced and audacious, but also more varied—from stealing intellectual property to writing malicious code to lodging political protests. No organization is immune. Increasingly, enterprises are finding to their cost that legacy or piecemeal security solutions are no longer adequate. In addition, as the growing demand for cybersecurity expertise far outpaces supply, many enterprises lack the resources in-house to direct, execute and hone cybersecurity strategies.

Protecting your business against advanced attacks

Our response to enterprises’ rapidly evolving security requirements is a progressive range of end-to-end managed services based on the proven Security Operations Center (SOC) model to enable fast and flexible deployment. Backed by industry-leading SIEM technology QRadar from IBM, intelligence-driven Managed SOC from Sogeti/Capgemini brings advanced data analysis to enterprise security, enabling security threats of all types to be identified early and counteracted swiftly, decreasing cost and disruption to the business.

The flexible tiered scale of Managed SOC services offers enterprises the opportunity to swiftly establish a highly effective Security Operations Center, out of the box and at low TCO (total cost of ownership). Choose the service level that best suits your business needs and organizational risk profile, and scale up or down at any point if circumstances change.

Why should a client work with Sogeti? 

We work with organizations in every industry vertical to help them simplify, speed up and solidify their enterprise security processes. Whatever your risk areas, business challenges, technology landscape and position on your digital transformation journey, Managed SOC from Sogeti and IBM delivers future-ready enterprise security services that ease the operational burden of enterprise security.

We have partnered with technology leader IBM for over 15 years, blending their powerful software solutions with established our frameworks and methodologies—applying deep shared industry vertical experience and understanding—to create compelling offers that answer the most pressing business challenges.