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Engaging in the mobile landscape without a Mobile Strategy that addresses your security concerns has its risks. This brave new mobile world is vulnerable to an increased level and a greater variety of security risks than the established world of IT. These threats are not specific to mobile security, but mobility itself brings additional risks.

There are three main targets for threats – Confidentiality, integrity and availability.

A mobile device is personal, and is used for both private and business productivity. Devices store and give access to valuable and sensitive information. Keeping that information secure is vital. And with devices being used for work and leisure, the possibility of sensitive business information getting into the wrong hands can have wide – and potentially massive – implications.

Moreover, the major new challenge to security is that information is now scattered rather than being centrally stored. For these reasons, rather than applying the security measures on the perimeter of the organization, security must now be applied in a systemic way, including on the transport medium and the information itself.

Creating the right security approach will help your organization address these threats while taking advantage of the huge benefits mobile offers.

What we offer

Through a strategic approach, we offer your business a piece of mind, from defining the appropriate security architecture and implementation to assessing your vulnerabilities and weak points. Our portfolio covers: 

Defining Your Mobile Security Architecture Design
Defining a comprehensible mobile architecture and a strong security deployment plan is key to any mobile business. Our point of departure is your business requirements, risks and organizational processes and stakeholders, from which you will gain a model that transforms these parameters into a roadmap for the actual selection of technologies and products that fits your security needs.

Implementing Your Mobile Security Architecture
Having established the approach of creating a mobile security architecture already? We will guide you through the process of evaluating and implementing mobile platforms, security levels on data, apps and website access, authentication mechanism, mobile device management system that adheres to your business context and security needs.

Security Assessment of Your Mobile Architecture 
A Security Assessment of your mobile environment means specifically identifying the main vulnerabilities and weak points in the mobile protection system. Our Assessment ends with a security roadmap to enhance your level of security.


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