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Infrastructure Consulting Services

With new actors and technologies emerging in the market and with the increased integration of IT on premise, hosted IT and Cloud, infrastructure environments are generating more complexity. Sogeti Infrastructure Consulting guides you in this fast-changing landscape.

We deliver Infrastructure Service Transformation to achieve cost effectiveness and financial performance, business and IT alignment, risk reduction and improved end-user experience. Over more than 10 years, Sogeti consultants have developed set of methodologies and services such as:

  • Supplier Performance monitoring and Multi supplier coordination.
  • Costing and Sourcing improvement.
  • IT efficiency and Service Design.
  • Governance and Organization design.
  • Move from Service Management to Service Orchestration.
  • AD & Identity Migration.
  • IT Tools Integration (e.g. ITSM, System Management).

We are experts in Datacenter Optimization with tangible reduction in total cost of IT operations. Lowering maintenance on underused equipment, retiring underutilized functionalities, implementing state of the art disaster recovery processes, Sogeti can commit to improved service levels. Our consultants and enterprise architects can support you with:

  • Cloud Assessment & Eligibility.
  • Journey to the Cloud (from on premise to Private, Hybrid or full Public).
  • DataCenter Transformation (e.g. Infrastructure & Licences Rationalisation, Server Consolidation, «Cloudification», DataCenter Move).
  • Data & Storage Management (e.g. DRP, Data Centre, Storage as a Service).
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration Migration (eg. Lotus to Exchange/SharePoint / Office 365).

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    Mark Van Rafelghem
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