Test Automation

Test Automation

We implement a state-of-the-art test automation platform and automate quality validation activities across all phases of the lifecycle.

Test Automation - Increase the speed, efficiency and coverage of quality validation

Our Test Automation offering applies a high-level of automation to increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the end-to-end quality validation process, from early requirements gathering to production.

Simply put, we optimize your continuous delivery pipeline to help you make informed decisions.

Test Automation ensures that testing is performed with consistent quality, while drastically reducing time. This frees up capacity to focus on changes and more complex test cases. Our offering can help you test more often, test consistently, test early, test more efficiently and control testing costs.

How We’re Different

We offer independent test automation services, from simple scans and proof of concept to the full ownership of test automation across the entire application lifecycle. Through discover sessions, we investigate and provide tailored recommendations on the right test management toolchain, such as design and execution, functional and all non-functional testing, test data and test environment.

Test Automation Model Based Test Services

With our Model Based Services (MBS) we automate the time-consuming specification of test cases. The test cases are immediately applicable for automated output. This allows you to automate your entire test process and save up to 80% on the lead time of your specification activities, also in an agile or DevOps environment.


Test Automation Test automation strategy

We can either help you set up your own solution or supply a full Rightshore® service, freeing you from Test Automation tasks. Test Automation is performed according to goals, timelines and strategy agreed between us.


Test Automation Cognitive QA

With key accelerators such as Cognitive QA, we enable smart quality decision making and a culture of metrics. Questions such as “what to test” and “how to main quality levels” are addressed with advanced machine-learning algorithms on all test components.



Integrated E2E automated regression solution for a major property & casualty (P&C) Insurer

Case-study-illustration-INOWAI-v01.pngClient challenge

A major P&C Insurer had an ever-growing manual regression suite that was unstructured without enough details within the scripts. They also had a high amount of duplication and redundancy and manual execution time of more than 2 weeks per major release. They needed our help to fix all this, plus help simplify their complex legacy landscape.

How we made value

Sogeti optimized and automated the regression suite of 281 end-to-end scenarios to now consist of 1,700 test cases, as opposed to the clustered suite with more than 3,100+ test cases.

Sogeti impact

We carried out the automation of the integrated E2E scenarios with multiple technologies including web (using selenium) and mainframe (HFI using iMDA tool) resulting in reduction of duplicate effort by 50%. The clients automated regression execution time reduced from 2 weeks to overnight parallel batch execution (8-12 hrs using 8 machines).


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Our experts work closely with our clients to create custom solutions from existing and emerging technology to deliver outcomes at speed. We have over 25 years of quality engineering experience and offer some of the most innovative solutions on the market.

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Farida Moumni
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