Specialized Testing Services

IT innovations are entering the market place at a high, seemingly ever increasing speed. Not all of them are evenly relevant for all companies, but all require thorough checking regarding potential business opportunities.

"Mobile" today is the leading trend regarding its impact on the business world. Both  internally on enterprise level as well as externally towards clients and partners. Not supporting Mobile is not an option any more.

While the majority of companies are actively using Mobile applications, just more than half of them are applying structured testing according to our latest World Quality Report. So even there is room for improvement from a "Testing" perspective. At the same time client expectations regarding Testing are rising due to increased competitive pressure:

  • Testing time is under pressure as is time to market.
  • Due to increased transparency of systems quality to end clients, defects in production can have a huge impact on clients’ performance and therefore are not acceptable.
  • More budget to finance additional quality measures is hardly a viable option.

The combination of increased expectations and accelerated innovation cycles put Testing in a challenging position. How to resolve this?

It is our conviction that Specialized Testing Services are essential to provide proven answers to current Testing challenges, combining proven methods and processes, experience and best practices, supported by best in breed tooling.

Specialized Testing Services which are in especially high demand today are: Mobile TestingSecurity TestingSAP TestingTest AutomationAgile Testing, Testing Platform-as-a-Service and Sogeti OneShare for Test.

  • Fabian Galoppin Portrait
    Fabian Galoppin
    Head of Sogeti Belgium