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SAP Testing

We are experts in SAP Testing helping you secure that one of your most business-critical applications runs flawlessly. 

SAP Testing has to take into account a number of specific challenges:

  • Increasingly complex client business process chains involving SAP as well as non-SAP applications.
  • High number and frequency of SAP related changes (releases, updates, fixes, …) require quick deployments (short time-to-market).
  • Need for improved ROI on IT deliverables.
  • Increasing need for traceability, responsiveness, compliancy.

Addressing these challenges, Sogeti offers a range of specialized SAP Testing services using an industrialized approach based on our TMap® NEXT methodology:

  • SAP Testing Consulting Services.
  • SAP Managed Testing Services.
  • SAP Testing as a Service (TaaS).
  • SAP Test Factory.
  • SAP Test Automation.
  • SAP Data Migration Testing.
  • SAP Test Environment Management.
  • SAP Performance Testing.
  • SAP Mobile Testing.

Hereby we leverage our Rightshore delivery capability and integrated market leading tooling for cost efficient and innovative solutions.



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    Fabian Galoppin
    Head of Sogeti Belgium