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Software Testing-as-a-Service

Our specialist test solution, Software Testing-as-a-Service (STaaS), is highly scalable, outsourced test execution for defined work packages, requiring minimal client investment, yet achieving test cost savings of 25% or more - all achieved at a fixed price, with a fixed result and fixed date.

As both public and private sector organizations worldwide face reduced IT budgets, fluctuating resource needs, and constantly changing systems requirements, STaaS is the perfect cost-effective solution for many of our clients, using Sogeti’s global delivery model. 

Developed by our specialist Solution and Innovation Research Unit, this ready-to go solution is provided on-demand – when the client needs it, and at the most cost-efficient location – whether onshore, nearshore or offshore.

STaaS’ ‘state of the art’ execution is smooth and efficient: The client provides the software to be tested together with available documentation and Sogeti experts provide the infrastructure, methodology and expertise, quickly carrying out the defined testing within its test lines and providing the client with a full risk and quality report.

STaaS’ unique features:

  • Minimal up-front client investment in infrastructure or test resources.
  • Fast response and set-up times  - we can start up within 10 working days.
  • Flexible resourcing – and no charge for down time.

Our clients are already benefiting from STaaS:

  • A reduction in test costs of at least 25%.
  • Increased resource and project flexibility.
  • Access to specialist skills and technology.
  • Enhanced quality of deliverables.
  • Reduced testing turnaround times.

We believe that we are the only professional IT test organization that offers this highly industrialized service, based on Sogeti’s own methodology TMap Next®.

  • Fabian Galoppin Portrait
    Fabian Galoppin
    Practice Leader – Quality Engineering & Testing | Sogeti Belgium