Test Automation

Sogeti’s Test Automation service provides you with a collaborative, accelerated approach to functional testing - combining the effective use of tools and global teams to define what can be automated, increase efficiency and speed up the return on existing testing tool investment.

Test Automation is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing – and it is especially necessary and valuable when there is continued effort involved in running the same tests repeatedly.

Accelerated automated testing can be used in support of test phases used in waterfall, iterative waterfall and agile development methodologies, such as development, system, integration, end-to-end, user acceptance and regression test phases.

Model Based Testing Workbench

Model based testing is a methodology and IT toolset designed to accelerate the creation of test scripts. Using traditional methods, test professionals must manually create each test script and use case, a task which requires both testing skills and domain expertise. By using model based testing tools, capital markets firms can automatically generate test cases from models to describe the application, object or system under test. A single model can generate multiple test cases in far less time than it would take to write the same number of cases manually. Models can also be re-used to test other applications with similar functionality.

Many benefits

Not only can automated testing services help to save money, but they are also effective in improving the quality and accuracy of testing. To be successful, test automation needs to support your business objectives, and therefore it requires careful planning; preparation; specialized skills; execution; control, and infrastructure management.

Our Accelerated Test Automation service is built on many years of test automation experience, and provides a well-balanced approach to implementing an automated functional testing solution.
Wherever possible, Sogeti uses existing frameworks from within our global organization to capitalize on both enterprise and open source software tools in order to accelerate implementation.
All assets created, including automated test scripts, test plans and results, are transferred to clients for future use, to be rolled out across other departments and regions.

This service is of value to any organization that is looking to save time, save money and increase quality.

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    Fabian Galoppin
    Practice Leader – Quality Engineering & Testing | Sogeti Belgium