testing academy

Testing Academy

Our Testing Academy provides the best leading-edge online training to all our professional testers around the Sogeti and Capgemini world.

As a world leader in business-driven quality assurance and testing services, we, at Sogeti, are constantly looking for ways to strengthen the skills of our team of 12,000 international dedicated test experts worldwide, by providing the best training and professional development available, based on our own ‘thought leadership’.

With testers in countries from India, through Europe, to the US, it is important to bring any learning opportunity to as many employees at the same time as possible, without disrupting client work. So Sogeti’s solution - its Testing Academy - developed specifically for the whole of Sogeti’s international testing community, delivers an intensive synchronous online training program. This allows all testing professionals to participate ‘virtually’ from distant parts of the Sogeti worldwide footprint, logging on from home, client site, Sogeti offices or even coffee shops.

Our Testing Academy attracts testing experts across the world to our company, constantly building our expertise within the field of testing and quality assurance for the benefit of our clients.

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