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Improved view on quality, costs, and risks for VodafoneZiggo

Sogeti helped VodafoneZiggo to improve their view on quality and cost by using HPE ALM for defect reporting.


VodafoneZiggo, a strong communications provider in the Netherlands, needed help in improving their view on the risks of going live with new or changed software or products. They also needed a better view on the quality of their products and the costs of defects.


Sogeti has enabled the client with a better vision on their products and costs. The implementation has been done in 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Initial setup: We had set up a test line and execution of initial projects based on time & material.

Phase 2 - Control: In this phase, our aim was to achieve a test process with a control level that enabled further reduction of testing effort. This in turn had reduce the total cost of projects, which was in line with Vodafone’s goals of reducing costs.

Phase 3 - Optimization: The third phase was aimed at achieving an optimized level of test with even further cost reduction through off shoring, management of all test levels, test automation and so on.

The whole project was powered by HP-ALM, which helped in effective defect reporting.


Our solution helped VodafoneZiggo to make best use of SLA’s/KPI’s and monthly reports on customer value. The inference of this data in turn helped in developing a strongly-improved view on quality, costs and risks of the product development.

The test and quality approach by Sogeti, with the use of HP-ALM had reduce the defects found in the final test levels and in production. This also improved their time-to-market and cost savings over the whole product development cycle.

With the help of off shoring and further innovations in test automation and model-based testing, VodafoneZiggo was able to set on the path to achieving even better costs savings.

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About VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo is a leading Dutch company that offers fixed mobile and integrated communications and entertainment services to consumers and businesses.