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Better data quality and reduced costs thanks to new MOS

Sogeti provides maintenance of MOS for Netherlands based network operator.


The client’s current Meter Opname Systeem (MOS) had reached the end of its lifecycle and had to be replaced. They wanted to establish this through the BI&A Coordinator package of isMobile and supplement it with a customized solution (Channel Manager) to process the data traffic (meter registration data).


The end result is a designed, constructed/organized and tested system that enables collection and distribution of meter registration data. Sogeti maintained this application succesfully for several years.


The new MOS and Channel Manager resulted in better quality of the data and reduced the expenses.

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  • Alex Vanden Berghe
    Alex Vanden Berghe
    Account Executive Banking & Payments
  • Gert van Tol
    Gert van Tol
    Delivery Executive at Sogeti Nederland B.V.