AI Testing

AI Testing

We validate the quality, transparency and accuracy of AI solutions, as well as implement AI-based solutions to enhance your quality assurance activities.

AI Testing – Optimize, Prioritize and Accelerate Testing

Our AI Testing service leverages self-learning and analytical technologies to allow Predictive QA Dashboards, Smart QA Analytics, Intelligent QA Automation and Cognitive QA Platforms.

Together these tools enable us to spot areas of inefficiencies and remove them before they impact your business, as well as provide insight on processes and approaches that can be improved.

How We’re Different

We want to challenge the established approach that allows for finding the unexpected and removing the irrational. We do this with a number of approaches:

AI Testing Validation of Artificial Intelligence

We bring an active, flexible and broad approach to AI Quality Engineering. We formulate and evaluate strong acceptance criteria to verify the outcome and its accuracy. We monitor the actual behaviour of the learning machine to assess whether its output stays within boundaries that were set up-front.


AI Testing Using A.I. to complement and accelerate testing

With Cognitive QA, we enable you to achieve accelerated and optimized quality by using an intelligent approach to QA. This enables smart quality decision making based on factual project data, actual usage patterns and user feedbacks to deliver quality with speed at optimized cost.


AI Testing AI-driven test data generation

Our Artificial Data Amplifier (ADA) solution, ADA, focuses on mitigating GDPR compliance risk and data scarcity. Applied to quality assurance, it generates both production data for testing purposes and testing data for machine-learning models.


Dell EMC - Cognitive QA


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Mark Buenen
Mark Buenen
Global leader Quality Engineering & Testing, Capgemini Group