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Core QA Services

We offer a wide range of QA and test services and solutions on a project-based or managed services.

Core QA Services: Functional, Performance, Security, IoT, Test Data, Test infrastructure

Our core QA services include, functional testing, performance engineering, application security testing, IoT validation, Test Environment management, test data management and QA consultancy and advisory.

At the heart of our core QA services is our proven test methodology TMap, our guide to create the right test strategy and define test cases for any development or application change. With TPI we are able to help teams to mature their QA process in a structured way.

Our services cover any type of application, front-end, back-end, mobile, cloud based, service based, as well as multiple levels of validation from API testing, system testing, integration testing to acceptance testing and end-to-end validation. We provide a collaborative and accelerated approach to quality validation, combining recommended technology, effective use of tools enhanced with our accelerators for smarter testing.

How We’re Different

With TMap and TPI we secure that the most critical defects are found in the very early phase of the project life cycle. With our accelerators we inject Smart QA automation solutions.

Core services icon TMap Next

TMapNext is a full guideline for professional testing. The building blocks of TMap give you all the guidance you need to meet the testing and quality challenges in any information technology environment. TMap is also adapted for Agile and scrum teams.


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TPI NEXT® is the leading method for analysing and improving the maturity of QA and test activities of teams and organisation. Starting from enterprise objectives, adapted for Agile and scrum teams, and based on set of checkpoints, it enables you to define the best roadmap to improve quality operations in your organisation.


Core services icon Smart QA

Smart QA is our total collection of smart accelerators. It is comprised of solution for automated test case generation, test automation, performance testing, provisioning of test data, mobile test bench, provisioning of test environments, predictive analytics, coverage analysis and user pattern analysis.


Lloyd’s Register (LR) Automated Functional Testing Strategy


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