Customer Experience Validation

Customer Experience Validation

We assure all aspects of the user experience is delivered across platforms, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Validation – Exceed Expectations

To keep up in today’s digital world we’re seeing more and more new technologies aimed to help organisations with their Digital Transformation, but the integration of new technologies introduces new risk areas.

Ensuring you are being competitive by putting new end-user technologies to use is vital but an increased risk for IT failures that can impact customer value & corporate image is a huge gamble.

That’s why our Customer Experience Validation portfolio has been designed to create agile and fast validation of fit fur purpose solutions. Our services include customer journey testing, business performance assurance, Fit for Purpose Checks, Omni-channel Testing and more. But most importantly we meet your demands for fast and sufficient QA validation.

How We’re Different

We bring in the power of our thought leadership and strength in the quality assurance arena with our unique solution offerings for mobile, front office, multi-channel and smart products. These are backed up by our:

Customer Experience ValidationKey services

We have more than 25 years of testing experience and are recognised as a world leader in the area of Quality Assurance.


Customer Experience ValidationGlobal & Local

Sogeti offers a global & flexible delivery model with a DevOps focus. We use local and international experts to create the best solutions for you.


Customer Experience ValidationAccelerator & Innovation

Our Sogeti Labs offer innovation drivers proven to create valuable and tangible solutions for our customers.



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Mark Buenen
Mark Buenen
Global leader Quality Engineering & Testing, Capgemini Group