blog_Does Testing support your Business and IT context?

Does Testing support your Business and IT context?

Why you need a structured Test process and skilled Testers

July 12 2019
- by: The Sogeti Digital Assurance & Testing Practice

At Sogeti DA&T, structured Testing is an integral part of providing Business the insights into the quality and related risks of a system whether its being developed in an Agile, Scrum, or DevOps context. Our test consultants here in Belgium and globally understand and offer the flexibility of our test processes such as TMap® Next and TPI® NEXT in an adaptive and proactive manner.

An essential understanding of the digital transformations that companies are undertaking is how testing can support both the Business Objectives and also match the IT Context at the same time. Gone are the days where testing is seen solely as a IT related activity. Testing needs to help meet the needs of the business in helping as quality advisors in the journey from ideation to delivery to the market. Whether this is handled in a more traditional development context or in a more advanced DevOps manner, Testing needs to show Value in providing the real-time information on the quality of the systems being tested to provide essential release information to the business and activities and of testing still need to be coordinated, efficient, structured and aligned with the IT processes and tools. Central to this are the persons carrying out the testing.

Whether on a dedicated testing team or as a quality advisor in an Agile or DevOps Team, the members or the persons carrying out the testing need to be motivated and skilled in the craft of testing. And that’s what we focus on at Sogeti DA&T: Digital Assurance and Testing, we focus on having Testers who can be adaptive to various IT and Business contexts provide those insights into Quality and Risks of systems being tested.