Partner spotlight: Leapwork

Leapwork is the leading global AI powered visual test automation platform, empowering the world’s largest enterprises to adopt, maintain and scale automation in less than 30 days. Unlike traditional test automation, Leapwork is as easy and intuitive to use as cobbling Lego blocks together, for even the most complex test automation cases, which is why we are used by hundreds of global enterprises across all industries, from banks and insurance companies to life science, government, and aerospace.

Clients include Mercedes Benz, PayPal, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and BNP Paribas. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has local offices across Europe, US and Asia.

Simple way to automate complex tests for everyone

Leapwork provides a user-friendly solution for automating test scenarios thanks to its visual and universal automation language. This enables business users, business analysts and QA teams who have a deep understanding of your business processes but may lack technical skills to create automated tests easily and quickly. Even if you face challenges in finding skilled and seasoned technical resources for automation testing due to a competitive IT job market, Leapwork offers a solution that can be used by anyone in your organization, thanks to its intuitive and straightforward interface.


Maintenance made easy

Automation testing presents maintenance challenges, including for example script updates for changes in the application, adapting to application changes, maintaining skilled resources, keeping test frameworks up-to-date. Leapwork offers a solution to address these challenges with reusable components. Moreover, it incorporates a hyper visual debugging system that includes video recording, data-level insights, and activity logs to streamline the process of identifying and modifying relevant parts quickly and efficiently.

Broad range of technologies and platform supported

Leapwork leverages the same visual approach to automate testing of a wide range of tasks, from desktop-based systems, mainframes, and ERP software that support your back-office operations, to complex automation and straightforward testing of web platforms, commercial off-the-shelf software, mobile web apps, and virtual desktops like Citrix.



Silver Partner

Sogeti Belgium has become an official solution integrator in the Leapwork partnership program, marking our commitment to the Belgian market. This collaboration goes beyond a mere reselling agreement, as Leapwork has played a significant role in our Digitalcity masterclass program aimed at providing better job opportunities to job seekers in the testing field. Furthermore, we have launched a global certification program, with over 20 test engineers set to be certified by summer 2023, making us one of the most Leapwork certified organizations in Belgium.

Our collaboration ensures that our customers receive comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of automation testing. Sogeti Belgium's deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in implementing automation solutions will drive the implementation and adoption within your organization, serving as the local single point of contact for your transformation project. We will provide enhanced support, including coaching, troubleshooting, and upstaffing as needed. Additionally, Leapwork will lend their expertise to ensure the project starts off on the right track and support us throughout the entire project lifecycle, resulting in a robust and customized automation solution.

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