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Application Security Testing: Protect your business

kalendar Thursday, September 28, 2017 12:30 AM - 4:30 PM
kalendar Sluisstraat 79 – 3000 Leuven

One of the most frequently used approaches to your business critical data and systems is not through your infrastructure, but through your web applications and online portals. Have your developers and IT vendors defined security requirements, which are built into your products from the start? Have you defined how to solve the Data Protection Act that goes into effect in 2018?

Interested to get the answers to these questions? Then please be welcome to attend our seminar “Protect Your Business with Application Security Testing”.

We have created a simple Application Security Testing Service that will quickly and accurately locate potential security vulnerabilities and present how they can be solved.

How it Works?


Practical details:

·       Date: Thursday, September 28th, 2017.

·      Timing: 12:30

·       Venue: De Hoorn (old brewery Stella Artois)

Sluisstraat 79 –3000 Leuven.

·       Agenda:

o    12h30: Welcome with a drink at the Grand Café

o    13h00: Lunch at the Grand Café

o   14h00: Application Security Testing – How to fortify your applications, a practical introduction by our Micro Focus * Fortify specialist.

o   15h00: Break.

o   15h15: How sure are you that your applications and websites are not a “hackers highway” into your IT landscape? By Vincent Laurens, Practice Executive Cybersecurity, Sogeti.

o   16h00: Positioning the Sogeti AST solution (Application Security Testing) & demo

o    16h30: Closing

·       Parking: Parking Vaartkom (Albert Heijn)

·       Contact person
Patricia Cordonnier
Security Solution Sales | Sogeti Belgium
Mobile +32 (0) 496 26 05 49

* HPE Software has now become Micro Focus.






  • Patricia Cordonnier
    Patricia Cordonnier
    Solution Sales Cybersecurity
    +32 (0)2 708 11 11