Sogeti Conference

Sogeti Conference 2016

Machine Intelligence : living in an era of autonomous computing

The CEO of Sogeti BeLux, Eric de Saqui de Sannes, opened the Sogeti Conference 2016 addressing with a word to all the participants and sponsors. "We warmly thank all our sponsors, this conference could not have been organized without them"Over 200 executives from Belgium's IT industry took part at the event, held on June 9th, at Living Tomorrow. The first keynote session entitled "Cathedral Challenges for Intelligent Machines" was presented by famous trendwatcher Herman Konings

Herman Konings at the Sogeti Conference 2016

The trendwatcher redrew the landscape of IT, based on new interactions developed between machines and human beings. Prof. Ann Nowé, from VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab, went on describing data mining techniques, as straight examples of machine learning.

A new era of computing

"We entered in a new era of computing in 2011" continued Gerard Smit, presenting Watson, IBM's artificial intelligence system that won the Jeopardy TV game show back at this time. As IBM Benelux's CTO & Innovation Leader, he developed Watson use cases : decision support systems, unstructured data analysis, interactions with human beings (understanding natural language).

Gerard Smit, CTO at IBM Benelux, introducing Watson's use cases

Having a break, participants discovered Living Tomorrow's show room, also called the 'House of the future'. They were able to test completely new connected devices, applicable to daily life and business, from transport to smart home solutions. Then, Bart vande Ghinste, Product Manager at Microsoft, presented the session "Intelligent Cloud".

HPE booth at Living Tomorrow, also called 'House of the future'

The Age of Intelligent Decision Machines

Menno van Doorn, Director of the Sogeti VINT Lab, and Michiel Boreel, Sogeti's CTO concluded the conference, studying our links to technology solutions. They've introduced the Group's lastest researches on Machine Intelligence : "The fact that machines are now (more and more) capable of understanding natural language like voice and speech, and talk back is something that we've seen happening in science fiction movies. Now fiction becomes a fact. Due to better hardware, new neuromorphic chips and Big Data, these machines are able to learn and improve. The impact of this shift in possibilities has implications for businesses and human beings, for efficiency and psychology."

Empower organizations via Machine Intelligence solutions

The Sogeti Group embraces Machine Intelligence, as SogetiLabs recently published its second report on this topic : "The Bot effect : Friending a brand". Menno van Doorn, co-author of the publication, details our evolutive connexion with machines to make the most out of business digital transformation, with feet on the ground efficient solutions.


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