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Our experts have experience in working across most sectors. Online, mobile and Internet of Things enable opportunities that sometimes are uniquely defined in one or a few sectors. Best practices in solution design can vary between industries. We bring all our best know-how to you, ensuring a business value driven journey.


Our digital solutions are helping retailers to turn tech savvy ‘mobile first’ consumer purchasing behavior to their advantage. Targeted, personalized services and location-based marketing and e/m-commerce can improve the user experience as well as attract new customers. Our business and technology expertise in online, mobility, social media and cloud computing, combined with data analytics and integration skills, help retailers build an omnichannel experience focused firmly on customers’ needs.

Consumer products

Digital offers consumer products companies new opportunities to build brand awareness, create direct relationships with customers and distribute products more efficiently and cost-effectively. By tightly integrating online, mobile and Internet of Things with business analytics and social media solutions, we can drive changes such as improving loyalty programs and enhancing the user experience through location-based, personalized information, thereby influencing brand purchasing decisions and increasing sales.

Energy and Utilities

Companies in the energy and utilities sector face growing regulatory and environmental controls, as well as the need to provide greater mobility for their employees and better interaction with customers. Working with our clients we have shown that the adoption of online, mobile and Internet of Things solutions can simplify operations and business processes, increase productivity within technical activities, optimize the management of distributed assets and provide greater interaction with customers.


Manufacturers face the challenges of lower consumer spending, volatile energy prices and greater globalization, requiring them to become more efficient, optimize their use of materials and assets and improve the supply chain. Digital will be key to success, enabling employees, suppliers, and customers to access essential business information and services securely and flexibly. Using mobile devices and services to analyze and improve the flow of data, we help manufacturers transform their business into an agile, responsive enterprise.


We provide the business and technology expertise to enable financial services companies to provide the convenience of mobile interactions and transactions while ensuring that innovative and secure mobility online and mobile are tightly integrated with existing systems. From mobile retail banking to mobile payments solutions, we can deliver a high-quality, personalized customer experience, transforming the way financial services companies do business and building new revenue opportunities.


Digital solutions offers central and local governments the opportunity to create a modern and open public sector. Today, public services are not created and delivered seamlessly to citizens and businesses but through mobile technology we have helped our clients begin their “eGovernment” journey. The role of mobile is crucial in the uptake of online public services with solutions ranging from addressing the various communication needs and habits of citizens through to automated self-services and capturing feedback to shape government processes and policies.

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