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Virtual Assistant

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Is your mailbox full of questions from customers and potential customers? And you don’t have the time to answer them all? A chatbot made by Sogeti could take this repetitive task out of your hands. Which gives you more time to focus on the more challenging tasks.

A chatbot is software that is used to automate conversations with the intended audience such as employees, end-users or customers. It simulates the reactions of a human.

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We optimize your customizable chatbot with a unique personality that fits your company’s values. You give it a name and a profile picture. You can select standard reactions for common questions. Then the chatbot starts learning and you can start feeding it with information to improve its knowledge.

When asking a question, the chatbot defines several possible synonyms or reformulations. The technology behind this understanding is NLP, Natural Language Processing. With this process, the chatbot understands what the customer is asking. When your chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a question, it transfers the customer to the corresponding team.


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There are of course multiple implementations of chatbots. We offer 3 types of chatbots:


Alice answers your visitor’s questions

Alice Alpha schematic


Alice turns your visitor’s questions into tickets and when needed, dispatches them to the corresponding teams.

Alice Xpand schematic


Alice becomes part of your team, interacts with your tools and systems and resolves your visitor’s problems.

Alice Infinity Schematic


Besides helping you by taking over repetitive tasks, a chatbot has a lot of other benefits.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Instant response
  • Easy communication
  • Fully customizable
  • Integration with your tools and processes

Curious about what Sogeti can do for your business?

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